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A Brief History of St. DuranThe beginning of the Church could be traced all the way back to the Epoch of Knowledge.

When the great flood destroyed the world, all land creatures were facing imminent extinction. The descendants of the ancient gods built a floating island with Ember to keep them alive.

The descendants saw themselves as the creators, and later created giants and sirens who could better adapt to the flood, as well as another species with no particular strength, the humans.

Humans had inherited the qualities of all races in the world, both good and bad. But they were too weak to survive the flood alone and must rely on the descendants to live on the floating island.

The descendants, on the other hand, were too arrogant to care about anything else other than their research and creations.

Eventually, this utopia in the clouds ended in riots and conflicts.

After the floating island crashed, humans and other creatures returned to the land and continued to live on small land blocks formed by dead giants.

A great scholar and his followers protected some descendant books during the crash as they believed these would be invaluable wisdom.

He started to interpret oracles from the books and study light magic. With the support of his followers, he formed his own organization, the St. Duran Church.

The theory of light magic relied on building connections between the spirit and all the objects, and its power mostly came from the faith and devotion of believers.

The Church inherited the descendants' legacy and continued to dispel beasts and monsters, and heal the wounded with their light magic. As more believers started to follow the Church, its power started to rise. At one time, it was almost as powerful as the king.

Kingdoms rose and fell, but the Church had always played a vital role in the human history until humans realized they could live a decent life without prayers, thanks to the development of Ember Tech.

The Church was in decline, but the gods eventually punished the disbelievers. As the First Flame shattered, the Empire collapsed in the outbreak of Aember, and the Church regained its power.

Arcbishop Derrick found one remaining Spark after a long struggle, and built the Holy Capital, a divine city of absolute peace and order that was immune to Aember.

St. Duran now resembles the perfect floating island in the Epoch of Knowledge, but the Church will not allow history to repeat itself.

It must seek a way to change the world.

Perhaps the merciful light will return to this land once again in the near future.