Hero /18
Berserker Rehan|Anger
Rehan will gain Rage upon hitting a target or taking damage and then gain attack speed from Rage. At Max Rage, Rehan will automatically enter the Berserk state and have his stats significantly increased.
Berserker Rehan|Seething Silhouette
Hero Emblemx100|Aember / Primocrystx980
Blessed by the Ancestor Spirit, Rehan has a chance to summon the Seething Spirit to assist him in fights. The Seething Spirit will cast the Main Skill to help Rehan fight powerful enemies.
Divineshot Carino|Ranger of Glory
Carino is a character specialized in projectiles' special ammo. When using Projectile Skills, Carino will use different special ammo combos to assist in firing and enhance the skills at the cost of ammo.
Divineshot Carino|Lethal Flash
Hero Emblemx100|Aember / Primocrystx980
Carino is a character specialized in utilizing projectiles' Shotgun Effect. He is capable of fast reloading ammo while moving and keeping a proper distance from the enemy to gain more benefits on hit.
Cateye Erika|Wind Stalker
Hero Emblemx100|Aember
Fast and agile in combat, Erika dodges attacks and launches critical strikes. After moving a certain distance, Erika will enter the Cat's Agility status, move even faster, have a higher chance to Multistrike, and deal more damage.
Cateye Erika|Lightning Shadow

Utilizes Shock-powered Ember Tech to gain massive buffs.
Inflicts Shock to the enemies within range through Feline Figure and settles Shock Damage efficiently.
Escapist Bing | Blast Nova
Hero Emblemx100|Aember
Bing can pack a large number of projectiles into his exquisite and dangerous bombs and make them automatically stick to nearby enemies, dealing deadly damage by throwing multiple bombs at once and detonating them in an instant.
Frostfire Gemma|Flame of Pleasure
Hero Emblemx100|Aember
Cast Purgatory to deal massive damage to enemies within it, and hit enemies with Flame Punishment to deal the same amount of Fire Damage to them again
Frostfire Gemma|Frostbitten Heart
Hero Emblemx100|Aember / Primocrystx980
When using Cold Skills, Gemma will gain Cold Energy, which will increase Cold Damage and Frostbite Chance. At Max Cold Energy, Gemma will cast Cold Pulse and deal massive Cold Damage.
Frostfire Gemma|Ice-Fire Fusion
The forces of fire and ice fuse within Gemma's body, reinforcing each other. When using Cold and Fire Skills, Gemma will gain Fusion Energy, which will increase Cold and Fire Damage and Ignite and Frostbite Chances. At Max Fusion Energy, Gemma can cast Frostfire Rampage to further increase her stats.
Oracle Thea|Wisdom of The Gods
Hero Emblemx100|Aember / Primocrystx980
Thea is capable of gaining and using Tenacity, Focus, and Agility Blessings skillfully. She can enhance the incoming Divine Punishment and gain buffs at the cost of Blessings.
Oracle Thea|Incarnation of The Gods
Hero Emblemx100|Aember
Thea can use blessings to summon a Divine Realm in the mortal world. When outside the Divine Realm, Thea can fight against enemies with the Agility Blessing. When inside the Divine Realm, she will fight against powerful enemies with the Tenacity Blessing.
Spacetime Witness Youga|Spacetime Illusion
Youga can create a Twisted Spacetime around himself to gain multiple buffs when staying inside it. When in the Twisted Spacetime, he can summon a shadow who can cast skills independently to assist him.
Spacetime Witness Youga|Spacetime Elapse
Hero Emblemx100|Aember / Primocrystx980
Youga can cast the Twisted Spacetime to enemy units to deal DoT Damage to them. After moving the Twisted Spacetime, he can cast Turbulence on enemies within it, speeding up and increasing the DoT Damage.
Commander Moto|Order Calling
Moto is capable of leading his Synthetic Troop to fight. He will inflict Overload on Minions frequently to increase their Life, Speed, Attack, and other stats to let this iron army fight for him.
Commander Moto|Charge Calling
Hero Emblemx100|Aember / Primocrystx980
Moto commands the Synthetic Troop to dash toward enemies and makes them self-destruct. When in combat, Moto can use Overload to quickly summon Synthetic Troops to increase the explosion efficiency and enhance combat capability.
Lightbringer Rosa|High Court Chariot
You can use Holy Domain to force enemies to gather together and gain buffs when you're in the Holy Domain.
The Forsaken Iris|Growing Breeze
Hero Emblemx100|Aember
Fight with Spirit Magi and give them buffs to speed up their growth
Hero Trait - Help

Hero Traits define a hero's combat style. You may select different Trait branches once you meet the level requirements.
Click the icon of a hero trait to activate its special ability.