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1Torchlight is an organization that has been actively fighting against aemberons around the world.
2Torchlight is convinced that the Spark is the only hope to eliminate Aember and save the world.
3As the basic operating units of Torchlight, a Hunter Squad usually consists of a Hunter and a Crow.
4Hunters are the core combatants of Torchlight. Most Hunters are chosen from the Infected.
5Adept at using Ember Tech, Crows are responsible for recon and other support missions.
6The Church considers those Aember-Infected disqualified to be humans.
7Under the influence of Aember, the Infected may lose their minds, and at the same time gain special powers.
8The least sane among the Agitoes are Aemberons who know nothing but slaughter, and those who are almost as sane as humans are revered as the Chosen.
9As an energy-rich resource, Ember has largely contributed to the development of technology.
10Aember, also called Mutated Ember by some scholars, usually appears in the form of gigantic spikes.
11Once there's a sprout, Aember will spread uncontrollably and wreak havoc wherever they reach.
12Born from Aember, Aemberons are mindless monsters with only instinct to slaughter and destroy. They are merely capable of imitating a few words from those they devour.
13After the First Flame was shattered, Aember began to spread.
14The First Flame was shattered into several fragments known as the Sparks.
15Legend has it that the First Flame can be restored to purge the world of Aember by gathering all Sparks.
16The Epoch of Might ended with the Ragnarok.
17Arminius the Great died just a thousand days after usurping the throne, but the statue of this final emperor in the history of the human empire still stands in the Holy Capital.
18Goblins are keen to collect human throw-aways, especially the old toys.
19The Hermann Empire prospered for 800 years with Ember Tech, until a calamity destroyed the Spark.
20In Leptis, Ratlins are infamous bandits who would gladly jeopardize their own parents for money.
21Active in every corner of the continent, Ratlins are scums who pursue wealth and power by any means necessary.
22Deep within the desert live the people of Ichi who behave like cats. They are an ancient race who shoulder the Curse of Eternal Night.
23The Ancient Ichi once made an artificial sun from pure gold, and it brought radiant and seemingly endless daytime to them.
24Shadowborn are born within the natural hotbed formed from the volcano cave and the dragon's remains. They lack intelligence and are solely driven by their instinct to chase the sun.
25St. Duran Church locates at the center of Imperial Plaza, next to the Royal Garden and the Lost City.
26Although the leader of St. Duran Church is Archbishop Derrick, the day-to-day operation has been delegated to Vicar Bishop Keegan.
27The Knights of Derain is the private army of the Church who answer directly to the Bishops.
28A Spark is enshrined in the relic halls of the heavily guarded St. Duran Church Headquarters.
29Thanks to the Spark, the Church created a sanctum for its followers on the Aember land.
30The Church reveres the power of nature and preaches the evil of Ember. They consider the Disqualified as a symbol of unholiness.
31Refugees rejected by the Church settled in the ruins of the outer city, calling themselves the Forsaken.
32The Forsaken built the Lost City upon the ruins and armed themselves with Ember Tech.
33The Lost City and the Church are separated by a rampart known as the Wailing Wall.
34The Lost City is a place of violence and crimes where new gangs emerge and disappear every day.
35The Clockwork Core can open spacetime rifts to other mirror worlds.
36Every Crow carries Flame Elementium to control their mutated Hunters.
37The Infected will gradually lose themselves under the Aember's corrosion until they turn into monsters that are called Agitoes.
38A Hunter and their Crow partners are connected by a unique Pact that portrays their mutual choice and recognition.
39Because of the Pact between Hunters and Crows, their emotions and feelings are bound together.
40The nature of the Hunter-Crow Pact is a soul link created with Spark Fragments.
41Once a pact is formed, a Crow may use Spark Fragments to convey their personal will to help their Hunter partner resist Aemberization.
42Once the Pact is sealed, the Hunter and the Crow will accompany each other for the rest of their lives.
43In the First Flame of the world, Six Gods were born.
44No one has ever seen the gods, but their footprints are found everywhere.
45According to legend, every waypoint you see today used to be a rivet nailed into the ground by gods during the Epoch of Might.
46Under the influence of the First Flame, dragons used to be unusually powerful creatures that reigned and enslaved others.
47For offending the dragons, dwarves were banished to the underground, so they would never be illuminated by the First Flame.
48The First Flame was originally located in Sol'Quinn until dwarves stole it and won the battle of Ragnarok.
49The Epoch of Hunting was a dark age when the world was shrouded in darkness like today.
50During the Epoch of War, kingdoms and heroes rose, and the civilizations developed rapidly.
51The conflicts during the Epoch of War last for thousands of years until a devastating flood put an end to everything.
52The flood was still raging on the ground, yet Utopia was created in the sky.
53During the Epoch of Knowledge, a failed creation that had nothing to offer was created-humans.
54After Utopia was ruined in the hands of humans, the floating island fell as the Tower of Celestials collapsed.
55The Epoch of Knowledge was erased from history when all research results were burned by human hands.
56Humans rose to power in the Epoch of Deception.
57The emergence of Ember Tech opened the curtain of the Epoch of Machines
58At the beginning of the universe, there was no one. No spacetime, nor rise or fall.
59Time was the only point where mirror worlds and planes crossed.
60The Creator split his will into countless First Flames, then placed them in different worlds.
61Behemoths carried the First Flames into each mirror world and brought the breath of life to the withered lands.
62Millions of years passed, and even the Behemoths fell. Their remains became Ember, yet the First Flames burned still.
63The First Flame was the legacy of the Creator and the seed that bred the new gods.
64The Clockwork Core opened the gates to different spacetimes, yet it invited ambitions and conflicts.
65Ember Tech brought human civilization to a new era.
66Behemoths and the First Flame formed the original new world.
67Mankind worships the First Flame because it expelled the darkness of obscurity and brought the light of civilization.
68Later generations built High Towers to enshrine the First Flame, so that it could expel the barbarism further away.
69Ember is a common mineral resource that can be purified to obtain Ember Crystals that contain tremendous energy.
70Aember is the product of the decayed Ember. It represents the undoing of everything.
71Aember is strongly aggressive. It parasitizes and assimilates almost everything.
72The king of the desert transported a massive amount of gold to the central continent in exchange for their emperor's promised Ember Machine to build Desert Lamps that light up the Eternal Night.
73The thriving beliefs in this world are the traces left by the advents of gods.
74Albert the dwarf travels the continent with his shovel. His adventure notes are not known for being detailed, but for quick updates and abundant contents.
75The Six Gods/Goddesses: God of Might, Goddess of Hunting, Goddess of Knowledge, God of War, Goddess of Deception, and God of Machines.
76In the boundless desert, Ancient Ichi once stood tall and strong. Its brilliance used to be as bright and hot as the sun.
77Before the Eternal Night, Lakhouma was still a land of prosperity.
78According to legend among tomb raiders, there is an ancient city of gold hidden in the desert.
79Albert always goes on ahead, and his brave companion, Hannpy, usually meets us on the road.
1001Pay attention to skill tags and build your characters around them.
1002Auras provide steady enhancements at the cost of sealing a portion Mana or Life.
1003Trinkets such as rings, necklaces, and belts provide balanced offensive and defensive stats.
1004You can use Spell Skills while wielding any weapon, but some of them are better suited for using Spell Skills.
1005Equipping two One-Handed Melee or Ranged weapons is known as Dual Wielding, which grants additional buffs.
1006Balance your offensive and defensive stats to find the playstyle that suits you best.
1007Resistances are essential for survival. Keep dying from normal Firebolts? Stack Fire Resistance!
1008Before you can pick a Talent, you must have all of its prerequisites.
1009You'll gain two particularly powerful abilities from each Talent Panel.
1010For your third Talent Panel, you may pick abilities from another deity. Be creative while discovering your own unique build.
1011After Lv.80, the Elixir of Oblivion allows you to reassign your Talent Points at any time.
1012Hero Traits are particularly powerful. Make sure to put them to good use.
1013Match your Hero Traits with additional skills and items to create synergy.
1014If you have too many pieces of gear, you may recycle them in your Inventory or at a Trader.
1015Approach an item that dropped and click the name frame in the upper-right corner to pick it up and put it into the Inventory.
1016There are countless ways of combining different skills. Each may give you an unexpected surprise.
1017The recommended talents suit your current hero well most of the time.
1018Remember, you need to activate an Aura Skill after it's equipped.
1019Attack Skills are usually better paired with weapons with a higher DPS value.
1020All Attack Skills require specific weapon types. It's essential to select a suitable weapon.
1021Resistances reduce the corresponding type of damage you take and are essential for your survival. It's best to maximize them.
1022Warcries are way more impactful than you thought.
1023Don't forget to use your Compound Potions when you are in danger.
1024The minimap in the upper-left corner is very helpful while exploring.
1025Each Ailment has its own characteristics. Remember to use them when you can.
1026Before Lv.80, you may reselect your Talents at any time.
1027Gear with a higher item level can be used to craft higher-level affixes, and gear with these affixes usually has unique drop frames.
1028Gear with less than 6 affixes can be Enchanted to become stronger.
1029Your character gains 1 Energy per level, which allows you to equip more skills.
1030Brand Divinity Slates to obtain more strength from the same God.
1031Corrosion is both risky and rewarding. It's your choice to make.
1032Player can have at most 6 Synthetic Troop Minions and 2 Spirit Magus Minions.
1033Elites refer to rare monsters and bosses. These opponents are worth fighting.
1034The item filter can filter and display the most valuable items you currently own to help you explore Leptis better.
1035Filter rules can be selected in the settings. Remember to select suitable filter rules.
1036Gear pre-fixes and suffixes are divided into 7 tiers. The higher the tier, the greater the attribute bonuses granted by the affix.
1037+100% additional drop quantity in Netherrealm stages covered by Confusion Cards.
1038When farming Netherrealm stages, use a Pactspirit build with 3 Drop Pactspirits to gain a better yield.
1039Before entering a Netherrealm map, max out your base affixes using Netherrealm Resonance to gain a better yield.
1040Don't forget to swap to the right Drop Pactspirit when playing different season-exclusive gameplay.
1041When challenging powerful foes, utilizing a Pactspirit build with 3 Battle Pactspirits will make things a lot easier.
1042Cooldown and Interval are the downtime you face after casting a skill. While Cooldown can be affected by Cooldown Recovery Speed, Interval is set in stone and cannot be shortened by any form of upgrade.
1043Compasses can add specific gameplay elements to Netherrealm stages. You can buy them at the Trader or Netherrealm Mentor's shop.
1044After the skill level exceeds Lv. 30, the Base Damage no longer changes, but for every level exceeded, the skill +6% additional damage (multiplies).
1045Don't blindly pursue higher values on the panel as real battles are affected by complex mechanisms and affixes.
1046Empower effects allow Invincible No.2 to deal more damage, but in a real battle, you'll need to consider whether the duration is long enough to last until the next cooldown.
1047Go to Settings - Graphics to adjust the brightness for a better visual experience.
1048Resistance is the most important Survival stat. Hunters have a Max Resistance of 60% by default.
1049To unlock a second Soul Candle slot, you'll need to use Pages of Aeterna in Psalms of Aeterna.
1050The Legendary Divinity Slate "When Sparks Set the Prairie Ablaze" drops everywhere in Netherrealm. The Fluorescent Memory used to exchange it can be obtained in specified Netherrealm planes.
1051Skill levels can be reset directly in the Skill Inventory.
1052If you want to use another build, go to Pro Builds to see what others think first.
1053Go to Settings - Battle to choose whether you want to activate features such as Auto Channel, Auto Aim, and Cast Now for your current skills.
1054Using a skill or triggering a skill are both referred to as casting a skill in the game.
1055Use Divinity Stones in the Blessings from Gods at Spacetime Wanderer to get high-value Legendary gear.
1056Compared to "+% damage," seeking "+% additional damage" will usually bring greater benefits.
1057The Trade House is unlocked when the Hunter reaches Lv. 60 and supports Advanced Search. It is an important tool for Hunters to complete their builds.
1058If there is a Lv. 80 or higher character on the account in the current season, when creating a new character, Time Transition Capsule can be used to skip the main story.
1059The main story is only a small part of the game. Go challenge the Netherrealm!
1060While progressing in the main story, Hunters will encounter many Treasure Troves to help them obtain lots of XP and specified Legendary gear in the early game.
1061Most in-game items can be traded in the Trade House.
1062Equipping two One-Handed Melee or Ranged weapons is known as Dual Wielding, which grants additional buffs.
1063Team mode and solo mode consume the same amount of map materials, but all members of a team share challenge attempts.
1064While in team mode, bonuses from Pactspirits, Trait Cards, etc., will only be affected by the Hunter who activates the current stage.
1065Only some items can be gifted between friends, and gifted items can't be traded or gifted again.
1066Team mode has various drop distribution modes such as Free Distribution, Team Distribution, and System Distribution.
1067Do you have too many drops? Use an official filter or custom filter based on your character's level.
1068Break down specified Legendary gear in your Inventory to get corresponding Dream Talking, which is used for Dream Interpretation of gear.
1069In the City of Aeterna, the maximum challenge time for each floor is 45 minutes. The stage will be destroyed once this time is exceeded.
1070After the skill level exceeds Lv. 30, the Base Damage no longer changes, but for every level exceeded, the Minions summoned by the skill +8% additional damage (multiplies).
1071Go to Settings - Battle to enable or disable damage indicators that vary by color