Blacksail Season /1
Background of the Season
: All worlds end in ashes... there is no exception. Beyond all the worlds exist the Sea of Void, a place filled with countless Aemberons who devour one another. They are... the last remnants of the old worlds.
But there are also those who kept on fighting the Aemberons even after the whole world had been Aemberized... until the very end. They did not give up their free will until their world was shattered and fell into the void. They were reduced to wandering souls in the Sea of Void, and their last will is to return to the "world of the living".
And in the endless void, there is an existence watching for its chance to enslave souls that wish to return-the Lord of Void Sea. He binds every soul that edges toward its original world with soul chains. And being pulled by hundreds of millions of souls, the Blacksail of the Void Sea sails along the Dark Surge toward those worlds that are yet to be broken.

New Gameplay
When Hunters defeat monsters in the Netherrealm map, they can earn drops with special affixes: Void Sea Night Flame.
Upon defeating the boss at the end of a stage, an interactive device will appear on the map: Void Sea Seal. You can break the seal with any Void Sea Night Flame to unlock a random Seal Whisper based on the affix of the Void Sea Night Flame.
After breaking six seals, Hunters can go to the Void Sea End Port to challenge the Bride of Void Sea. After completing the challenge, you can open the Bride's treasure. The content of the treasure will be affected by the "Seal Whispers" obtained when breaking the seal: Precious "Seal Whispers" can be combined to bring extremely rich rewards.
After being defeated, the Bride of Void Sea might drop a ticket: Void Sea Invitation. After collecting all Void Sea Invitations, you will be able to challenge the final boss of the season, Lord of Void Sea, who will drop several unique Legendary Items.

New Development System
During the adventure, hunters will have access to two new hero items: Hero Relics and Hero Memories.
Each Hunter can equip one Hero Relic, and each Hero Relic can have up to 3 engrams. Each engram can carry one Hero Memory.
Hero Relics and Hero Memories are generally specialization-limited and can provide powerful affixes that are closely related to the hero's specialization.
Legendary gear /15
icon name
Eternal Sea Fog
Require lv 10
  • +(7–8)% Defense
  • +(12–16)% Elemental Resistance
  • -20% Blur Effect
  • Blur gains an additional effect: +0.3% Movement Speed for every point of Blur Rating
  • +40% Movement Speed for 1 s when Blur is lost
  • +50% chance to gain Blur when evading
Hunting the Eye of the Kraken
Require lv 48
  • +(200–220) Max Life
  • +(40–60)% Projectile Damage
  • +(12–20)% Projectile Speed
  • Defeated Non-Elite enemies have a 25% chance to explode, dealing Secondary Erosion Damage equal to 25% of their Max Life
  • 50% chance to eliminate Non-Elite enemies within 10m when killing Elite enemies
Hero's Gaze
Require lv 48
  • +(100–130) Max Life
  • +(5–6)% additional Attack Damage for every attack Blocked recently. Stacks up to 6 times
  • Triggers Lv. 10 Focused Impact when blocking. Interval: 1 s
  • +(45–50)% Fire Resistance
Rat King's Megagon Dice
Require lv 50
  • +(25–35)% Critical Strike Damage
  • +(6–10)% additional max damage
  • (-10–-6)% additional min damage
  • Randomly triggers one of the following effects every 5 s for 5 s
    Lucky Critical Strike
    Unlucky Damage
    Lucky Damage
    Unlucky Critical Strike
Rat King's Escape Show
Require lv 51
  • +(1500–1600) gear Evasion
  • +(8–12)% Max Life
  • +(15–20)% Movement Speed
  • +(8–12)% Elemental Resistance
  • -15% additional Regain Interval if you have evaded recently
  • Master Escapist
Require lv 52
  • +(60–70) Max Life
  • +(4–8)% Attack and Cast Speed
  • +(16–20) all stats
  • Gains the following buffs by turns. Each buff lasts for 4 s:
    +35% additional Erosion Damage
    +35% additional Elemental Damage
    +35% additional Physical Damage
Divine Ember
Require lv 54
  • +(2500–2600) gear Armor
  • (-20–-10)% additional Max Life
  • +(8–12)% Attack and Spell Block Chance
  • Adds Fire Damage equal to 0.7% of Max Life for every stack of Tenacity Blessing you have
  • You cannot restore Life or Mana if you have gained Focus Blessing or Agility Blessing recently
Require lv 54
  • +(160–180) Max Life
  • +(1500–1600) gear Evasion
  • +20 Max Mana
  • +(25–35)% Lightning Resistance
  • +30% Movement Speed
  • Gains 1 stack of Mass Enhancement Effect for every 4 m of movement. Loses all Mass Enhancement Effect when casting Attack Skills
Devouring Tide
Require lv 58
  • +(2400–2600) gear Armor
  • +(240–260) Max Life
  • +(30–35)% Fire Resistance
  • +75% Critical Strike Rating each time an attack hits during Multistrike
  • Multistrikes deal (15–20)% increasing damage
  • Takes 400 Secondary Fire Damage per second for 4 s upon reaching the Max Multistrike Count. Stacks up to 4 times
Entanglement of the Immortal
Require lv 62
  • +(200–240) Max Life
  • +(15–20)% injury buffer
  • +(30–40)% Fire Resistance
  • Gains Ignite with (120–200) Base Damage when taking Fire Damage
  • +50% Life Regeneration Speed when Ignited
Hekate's Vision
Require lv 66
  • +(20–25)% Erosion Resistance
  • You can only cast 1 Curses
  • +15% additional damage dealt to Cursed enemies. -15% additional damage taken from Cursed enemies
  • +100% Max Curse Duration
  • +100% curse Skill Radius
Guttural of the Drowned
Require lv 70
  • +(15–20)% Max Life
  • Hit Damage taken is considered as Severe Injury while at Low Life. Interval: 3s
  • When Severely Injured, +(12–15)% additional damage for 2 s
  • Restores (10–15)% of Missing Life when suffer a Severe Injury
Starlit Body
Require lv 75
  • +(800–1000) gear Armor
  • +(160–180) Max Life
  • +10% injury buffer
  • Gains (3–4) stacks of Impassioned at Low Life
  • Loses 2 stacks of Impassioned when leaving the Low Life state
  • Determined
Fool's Crown
Require lv 76
  • +(90–100) gear Armor
  • -99% additional Intelligence
  • Adds (92–108) - (122–138) Physical Damage to the Main-Hand Weapon
  • +(6–10) Strength
  • +(6–10)% Fire Resistance
Miniature Void Sea
Require lv 78
  • +(150–160) gear Energy Shield
  • +10% Intelligence
  • Adds (12–16)% of Max Life to Minion Energy Shield
  • +(3–4)% Minion Damage for every additional Minion you have
  • +1% additional Cooldown Recovery Speed for every Minion you have
  • Trigger the Main Skill for every 5 m of movement. Interval: 3 s
  • Restoration Skills: -80% restoration effect
Item /55
icon name
Void Sea Invitation - Craving
Void Sea Invitation
Used in the Great Void of the Netherrealm to open a portal to challenge the Lord of the Void Sea
Void Sea Invitation - Ecstasy
Void Sea Invitation
Used in the Great Void of the Netherrealm with Void Sea Invitation - Craving to open a portal to challenge the Lord of the Void Sea at a higher difficulty level
Void Sea Invitation - Sorrow
Void Sea Invitation
Used in the Great Void of the Netherrealm with the two other Void Sea Invitations to open a portal to challenge the Lord of the Void Sea at the highest difficulty level
The Beginning
A ticket for entering the Netherrealm stage
You can challenge Lord of Calamity Traveler in the Rift of Dimensions of Netherrealm with one Beacon.
You can challenge Realm Lord Traveler in the Rift of Dimensions of Netherrealm with all four Beacons.
The End
A ticket for entering the Netherrealm stage
You can challenge End of Chaos Traveler in the Rift of Dimensions of Netherrealm with all four Beacons.
Hunter's Heart
Require lv 1
A device that Torchlight crafted to help the Hunters resist and use the power of Aember. It is placed on the hunters in their corrupted parts.
Royal Magazine
Require lv 1
Carino's family heirloom, but the magazine is heavily eroded by Aember.
Sealed Vision
Require lv 1
Youga sealed his memories of the days before his space travel and use that as an anchor to tell reality in the countless timelines.
Moon Pebble
Require lv 1
The stone that the cat was given when she was assigned to watch over the ancient city. It was carved with a crescent moon. The cat guarded the ancient city for over ten years, and the mark on the stone remained the same.
Bestowed Crown
Require lv 1
A crown made by the Roma for those of them who had a secret connection with the gods.
Built-in Machine Nest
Require lv 1
The commander never parts with his mechanical troops. He crafted a built-in machine nest himself and used it as a barracks for his soldiers.
Ancestral Mad Blood
Require lv 1
The blood of the ancestors of Varagon that allows Rehan to awaken the power of the ancestors.
Frostfire Nucleus
Require lv 1
An energy core Gemma uses to convert cold and fire energy, allowing the two forms of energy to coexist when released.
Overloading Core
Require lv 1
An intelligent core that the commanders use to control the mechanical troops, which can overload the troops to launch suicide attacks when necessary.
Separate Control Center
Require lv 1
An intelligent core that the commanders use to control the mechanical troops. Its powerful computing power is of use in decision-making.
Prayer's Eyes
Require lv 1
The medium used in the Roma temple to communicate with the Six Gods. Legend has it that the eyes can share the vision with the gods.
Remains of the Father
Require lv 1
Legend has it that these are the remains of the ancestors of Varagon... but are they really the bones of human beings?
Varagon Pact
Require lv 1
In the end, Rehan formed a blood pact with the Varagon Ancestor Spirit, but why would the spirit do the same with his descendant?
Masterpiece of the "Doctor"
Require lv 1
The mechanical heart that the "doctor" put on Gemma can merge the souls of Gemma and Zoya.
Frozen Heart
Require lv 1
Heart of Zoya, the Aemberized. The flame that once circled it has now extinguished.
Hermann Family Shrine
Require lv 1
A tiny shrine passed down in the Hermann family. Carino now carries it with him.
Foe's Fingerbone
Require lv 1
After getting his revenge, Carino cut off the finger bone of Arminius the Great and took it with him.
Backup Body
Require lv 1
Youga brought back another self who had just died in battle in another plane as a backup in this world.
Primeval Hourglass
Require lv 1
Youga reassembled his body with particles... and the replaced parts were put into this hourglass.
Cat Travel Log
Require lv 1
Cat adventurers deserve their own little log book.
God's Token
Require lv 1
The Gods were tired of their power, so they gave it to the girl who prayed to them.
Rolling Blast Marble
Require lv 1
"(Rolling)... *Bang!*"
Heated Candelabrum
Require lv 1
People exchange those blooming scars just for a night with her.
Strange Knitting Needle
Require lv 1
An entity Iris pulled from within the void that can weave all formless things.
Code of Conduct for Prospective Knights
Require lv 1
"What will you do after you are knighted?" "Continue to perform meritorious service to be promoted to knight commander." "What will you do after you become a knight commander?" "Continue to recruit more knights."
Aember Crystal
Require lv 1
The crystallized product of aemberized human souls. The Aemberized use them to fill their empty hearts.
Royal Silver Bullet
Require lv 1
The bullet that Carino secretly hid on his body before leaving the Imperial Capital was said to be a gift from the former king who came to see him on his fifth birthday.
Transition Memories
Require lv 1
Things change subtly when they travel through time and space. What about memories or souls then?
Guardian's Key
Require lv 1
The cat always carries the key to the ancient city that she guarded back then, even though she has never opened that door with it.
Oracle Fragments
Require lv 1
Thea carved all the prophecies she had made onto slates... After the Aember spread, only fragments remain of those slates.
Portable Wingman
Require lv 1
The Commander's most trusted mechanical unit is always on standby in the machine nest, and the Commander affectionately calls them "his little birds."
Ancestral Blood Drops
Require lv 1
The blood of our ancestors... continue to flow even now. Not even the snowfields of the north could freeze it.
Frostfire Cinder
Require lv 1
An energy crystal that forms from the overflowing energy released when Gemma converts ice and fire energy. Ice and fire coexist wonderfully in this tiny crystal.
Excess Capacity
Require lv 1
The external capacitors the Commander installed on his mechanical units to allow them to be overloaded when necessary.
Mind Dock
Require lv 1
The Commander's external mind-expanding device. It provides additional computing power, which allows the Commander to manipulate more Synthetic Troops at the same time.
Sanity Sphere
Require lv 1
A legendary sacred object that only exists in the stories that the Roma have passed on by word of mouth. The will of the gods can be reflected on it.
Sullen Spirit
Require lv 1
A resentful, violent soul-that was the true face of the Ancestor Spirit that Rehan met in the Valley of the Ancestors.
Varagon Ancestral Spirit
Require lv 1
A calm, great soul who taught Rehan how to turn his anger into strength.
Elemental Fusion Component
Require lv 1
The additional mechanical components the "doctor" installed for Gemma. It is able to separate and store the excess Ice and Fire Energy inside Gemma to balance the two types of energy.
Frost Ember
Require lv 1
Ice accepted fire, just like how Zoya guarded Gemma in the end. However, that was also the last embrace of ice and fire.
Hermann Family Medal
Require lv 1
Even though the Hermann family is a royal family, it still regards awards gained through military service as the highest honor. Carino naturally thinks the same.
Vengeance Bullets
Require lv 1
This bullet killed Carino's teacher. Even if the bullet is deformed and can no longer be fired from a barrel, Carino still wants to stick it in the skull of his enemy.
Multidimensional Soul Backup
Require lv 1
Youga extracted the soul of another Youga who had just died in battle in another plane as a backup for his own soul.
Time Gravel
Require lv 1
Whether you believe it or not... Youga calls this handful of sand his "good buddy."
Tips for Cats
Require lv 1
Adventurous cats will always make mistakes, but they are good cats as long as they take note of the lessons they learn!
Divine Throne
Require lv 1
"I've returned from the Divine Realm with the authority of the gods and shall perform the duties of the gods in the mortal world."
Blast Gum
Require lv 1
"Chew it three times to undo the safety and four times to detonate it. I take safety very seriously, you know?"
Tenderness at Your Fingertips
Require lv 1
"I can feel her hand moving tenderly through me, stirring slowly. The flames flow out through the wounds, yet I still wish to shout her name."
Sweet Breeze
Require lv 1
"The wind here is like a carnival of sweetness. I love it."
Discipline Comes Last
Require lv 1
"Some people need to be taught a lesson-within the bounds of discipline and honor, of course."
Boss /1