Chapter 3 /17
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Hideout - Star's FallStar's Fall is the Ichi Tribe's only foreign trade town. It's named after the glowing matter that shimmer like stars in the rocks surrounding the town.32
The BorderlandsThe western foothills of Sol'Quinn are the border between the desert and the central continent. Countless aircrafts have crashed here because of the volcanic ash that lingers in the desert sky.32Sand Giant
Sunken DunesThere's a vast moving dune outside Star's Fall. The guidance of Desert Lamps is the only way to avoid getting lost within it.33
Star's FallAfter the conflict within the Ichi Tribe, the rebel army, Nightstar, hid in Star's Fall to elude the Royal Army. But the Royal Army of Ichi attacked and captured Star's Fall when things came to light.34King's Wanted - Sid
Skirthem of GoddessThe Skirthem of Goddess is the another name for the Partatar River. It is the mother river of the Ichi. The Ichi Settlement is just situated at upstream of the Skirthem of Goddess.34
Wind BarrierThe Ichi built tall Windbreath Stone barriers outside their settlement to ward off the violent gales caused by the Curse of Eternal Night.35King's Hunter - Aegisthus
Ichi SettlementThe tyrannical Mad King ordered the Royal Army to take over the Ichi Settlement. Now, the streets here are littered with cages and devices of torture.36King's Messenger - Tritter
Lion HeartLion Heart's is set in the heart of Ichi Tribe, and it's the most heavily guarded location in the tribe. The tribe's leader, King Lionheart, handles the daily affairs there.36King Lionheart
Sanctum of ProphecyThe Ichi Tribe has been protecting the Sun Empire beneath the desert for over a thousand years, and Sanctum of Prophecy is the entrance to that ancient city of gold.37Ichi Storm
Plaza of EternityA thousand years ago, a raging flood of gold surged through the plaza of the ancient city, drowning the Ancient Ichi who had nowhere to run. Even now, countless golden human figures can still be seen in the city.37
Road of the MoonFighting plays an important role in Lakhouma's culture. In the Road of the Moon, the battles are stopped once the victor has been determined and there will be no life lost there. The victor earns the right to fight to become champion in the Ring of the Sun.38 New Moon · Ripple The Lower · Morgut The Upper · Azir Moon of Honor - Gerald
Road of the StarsFighting plays an important role in Lakhouma's culture. If the defeated still seek to chase the championship, they must enter the Road of the Stars and risk their lives to earn the right to enter the Ring of the Sun.39Stars of Impurity - Gerald
Ring of the SunEven this arena of gold melted in all directions when the sun fell. And even now, scalding liquid gold seeps out from beneath the ground and burns the Einherjar here who still fight to be the Sun's Champion.40Sun's Champion - Gerald
Dressing ChamberThe queen once dressed up to welcome the Sun's Champion here. Yet now, the Corrupted Sun rises from here, and this place is occupied by corrupted Einherjar and Shadowborn.41Fallen · Darma
Sun CourtCountless followers once went in and out of the queen's court, kissing the feet of her statue and praying that she would bless their worthless lives.41Children of the Phantom
Defiled ThroneThe sunken ancient city of gold is partially suspended above Thandla Crater, and behind the queen's pure-gold throne lays a bottomless abyss. The revived Queen of Eternal Sun stood at the edge of the abyss and waited for the eternal sun to rise again.42 Eternal Flame - Gerald Queen of Eternal Sun · Paloma
Rusted AbyssThe scalding liquid gold turned the dragon into a golden statue that laid at the Foot of the Volcano for over a thousand years. Now, it has been awakened by the sun corrupted by Aember and descended upon the world with the Shadowborn born from its own flesh.42 Rusted Sun Ordrak
Chapter 3 - Path of Achievements /10
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Rusted Sand (Rehan)
  • Complete Chapter 3 as Rehan

  • Reward: Jagged Primocryst x10
    Rusted Sand (Carino)
  • Complete Chapter 3 as Divineshot

  • Reward: Jagged Primocryst x10
    Rusted Sand (Gemma)
  • Complete Chapter 3 as Gemma

  • Reward: Jagged Primocryst x10
    Rusted Sand (Spacetime Witness)
  • Complete Chapter 3 as Spacetime Witness

  • Reward: Jagged Primocryst x10
    Rusted Sand (Commander)
  • Complete Chapter 3 as Commander

  • Reward: Jagged Primocryst x10
    Rusted Sand (Oracle)
  • Complete Chapter 3 as Oracle

  • Reward: Jagged Primocryst x10
    Rusted Sand (Cateye)
  • Complete Chapter 3 as Erika

  • Reward: Jagged Primocryst x10
    Rusted Sand (Escapist)
  • Complete Chapter 3 as Bing

  • Reward: Jagged Primocryst x10
    Rusted Sand (The Forsaken)
  • Complete Chapter 3 as The Forsaken

  • Reward: Jagged Primocryst x30
    Rusted Sand (Lightbringer)
  • Complete Chapter 3 as Lightbringer