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The Origin of the Calamity
The black crystals that can be found all over the world with sharp spikes are called Aember.

In a sense, Aember is alive. It is strongly erosive with the ability to parasitize and assimilate almost everything, eventually turning it into a new Aember.

Creatures infected by Aember tend to gain inhuman strength in a very time. Aember changes their body and keeps eroding their consciousness, making them empty unthinking shells gradually.

Finally, new Aember grows out of their rotten bodies, starting a new cycle on such filthy hotbeds.

The Source of Infection
Humans too can be infected by Aember... It is a long and painful process.

For the rest of their lives, they have to watch as their bodies weaken by the day, and endure endlessly increasing pain as well as the uncontrollable strange energy within their body. And none of the symptoms is curable.

When the Aember finally erupts from within, those infected will become the Aemberized.

The fortunate among them will just die like that, with their bodies becoming nourishment for the Aember, but the unlucky ones will lose their minds and bodies altogether and then be reduced to monsters.

Monsters that are known as the Agitoes.

Aemberized Human
Agitoes are humans who have lost their minds to Aemberization.

They appear to retain their ability to speak, but they are extremely violent and impossible to communicate with.

In the beginning, the Agitoes were just wandering monsters, but lately, these monsters have started gathering and forming their own organization.

According to reliable sources, the leaders of their organization are called Aember's Chosen.
TeleporterA teleporter developed by Torchlight, the outcome of the most advanced Ember Tech, safe and quick.

Legend has it that back in the Age of Might, the land was shrouded by a thick dark fog. The God of Might knocked in countless rivets everywhere on the land with his hammer. One can move among these rivets quickly by touching one of them.

And today, Torchlight has connected these omnipresent rivets using Ember Tech, making it possible to move quickly around the world.

''If you find an unrecorded rivet in combat, please inform your Crow to record it.''

Spark DeviceThe pedestal Torchlight uses to keep a Spark, the core device of the whole Hideout.

The Sparks of the First Flame are still emitting strong power, and the Spark pedestal can collect this spilling power to provide energy for other devices in the Hideout.

''Ignite the First Flame again. It is the only hope of saving this world.''

Netherrealm DeviceA strange device that emits a eerie aura. It can shortly open rifts connecting to other worlds, enabling one to go to those familiar yet totally different lands.

These rifts are extremely dangerous and unstable. When a member encounters an insurmountable crisis, the device will force the rift to close.

Only the core members of Torchlight can use this device.
Goblin's HutInside the dirty hut lies a doll with eyes missing, covered under a pink blanket. This is a den of the Goblins.

They love collecting human trashes to decorate their little home, so one can often find interesting gadgets around here. Perhaps a broken doll means nothing to humans, but to this Goblin, it's a friend and even a family member.

They live with each other amongst all the garbage, waiting for the imminent doom.
Albert's Notes
I have traveled many lands and seen many things, but I have never seen a living dragon. In the stories written by my ancestors, their wings could block the sky and their breath could melt an iceberg within the blink of an eye. I never believed in this, until I saw those giant skeletons in Andalin.

Tens of thousand of years had passed, but even looking at those mighty bones sent chills down my spine. And my ancestors defeated those god-like creatures with their own mortal bodies. How impressive.
Memory RemnantAn image from the past formed by stubborn obsession.

The image doesn't last long, but it seems that one can get to know some ancient secrets from it.
Wolf Packs Order: MachinesOrder Number: SUBC51241

Name: Ember Machines

Type & Quantity: Ember Reactor - 10 pcs; Energy Load Simulator - 5 pcs; Resistance Thermal Healing Window - 12 pcs.

Unit Price: Ember Reactor - 8,000 Tremissis; Energy Load Simulator - 10,000 Tremissis; Resistance Thermal Healing Window - 18,000 Tremissis

Total: 346,000 Tremissis
Wolf Packs Order: ConsumablesOrder Number: SUBC25801

Name: ??? Consumables

Quantity & Type: Male Adult - 20; Female Adult - 15; Male Senior - 9; Female Senior - 8.

Price: 400 Tremissis each

Total: 20,800 Imperial Gold
Ichi Export ManifestA list of confiscated cargo. The seal on the list comes from Sherlock, a Committee Member at Star's Fall Chamber of Commerce.

Golden Cat Candlestick x12

Ancient Ichi Lion-Taming Mural x3 (not sold separately)

Triple-deck Gold Coffin x1

Ruby Scarab Seal x1

Bracelet Inset with Queen's Eye Crystal x2