God of Machines exclusive drop /7
Sacrificer's Amulet
Require lv 56
+(16–20)% Sentry Skill cast frequency
God's Boon Belt
Require lv 66
+(16–20)% drop Rarity
Lunar Corona Amulet
Require lv 76
+1 Minion Skill Level
Necklace of Firebird
Require lv 44
  • +(8–12)% Max Life and Max Energy Shield
  • (-25–-5)% Elemental Resistance
  • If you receive damage while Barrier is active, the Barrier bursts to deal Spell Fire Damage equal to 80% of Max Life and 100% of Max Energy Shield to enemies Nearby. Cooldown: (0.25–0.5) s
  • +(10–20)% Elemental Damage per enemy Nearby
Mistaken Authority
Require lv 66
  • +(300–310) gear Energy Shield
  • +(1–2) Lightning Skill Level
  • +(20–25)% Spell Block Chance
  • Adds 1 - 5 Lightning Damage per 200 Max Energy Shield
  • Blocking triggers Lv. 25 Electrocute curse. Cooldown: 4 s
Decayed Mind
Require lv 70
  • (-4–-3)% Sealed Mana
  • +(5–6)% Elemental Resistance
  • Max Synthetic Troop Minion Quantity +1
  • Adds (5–15)% of Physical Damage as Erosion Damage for Minions
  • Adds (5–15)% of Max Life to Minion Energy Shield
  • Converts 50% of Minion Physical Damage to Erosion Damage
Surging Inspiration
Require lv 75
  • +(300–310) gear Energy Shield
  • +(30–50)% chance to immediately gain 1 stack(s) of Spell Burst Charge when using a skill
  • Loses 50% current Mana when Spell Burst is activated
  • +(20–30)% additional damage for skills cast by Spell Burst
Gameplay - Trial: God of Machines - Help

In any Netherrealm stage, you may find 1 Trial: God of Machines. Defeat as many monsters as you can while protecting the mechanical core. The more waves of monsters you defeat to protect the mechanical core, the more abundant your rewards will be.
The mode has a chance to drop exclusive Legendary gear: Surging Inspiration, Mistaken Authority, Decayed Mind, and Necklace of Firebird.