God of War exclusive drop /8
Shaman's Amulet
Require lv 56
+(16–20)% Terra Charge Recovery Speed
Sunlight Amulet
Require lv 56
+(16–20)% Skill Area
Cataclysm Amulet
Require lv 56
-20% Barrage Skill Wave Interval
God's Grace Belt
Require lv 76
+(4–5)% Drop Quantity
Fury Heart
Require lv 27
  • +(25–35)% attack Critical Strike Damage
  • +25% chance to gain 1 stack of Agility Blessing on Critical Strike. Interval: 0.3 s.
  • (-40–-10)% Critical Strike Rating per stack of Agility Blessing
  • For every stack of Agility Blessing you have. +(40–100) Critical Strike Rating
Crimson King
Require lv 62
  • +(30–35)% Max Life
    +(30–35)% additional damage taken while having Energy Shield
  • Converts 100% of Mana Cost to Life Cost
  • Adds (10–12) - (13–15) Physical Damage per 800 Life recently consumed
  • -1.5% additional damage taken for every 5% of Missing Life
  • 1.5% Life Restoration per second for every 6% of Missing Life
  • +6% Critical Strike Rating and Critical Strike Damage for every 9% of Missing Life
Dragon Breath Armor
Require lv 70
  • +(2900–3100) gear Armor
  • +(15–20)% Max Life
  • +(100–300)% Fire Damage
  • Converts (20–50)% of Physical Damage taken to Fire Damage
  • You can only deal Fire Damage
  • You always receive +(600–700) Ignite Damage when there are enemies nearby
Ghost Slaughter
Require lv 70
  • +(180–220) Max Life
  • Fighting Spirit gains additional basic effects: for every 3 points of Fighting Spirit, +1% skill range
  • Fervor gains an additional base effect: +1% Attack and Ailment Damage for every 3 Fervor Rating
  • Consumes (10–12)% of current Life and Energy Shield per second while Fervor is active
  • Loses Fervor at Low Life
Gameplay - Trial: God of War - Help

In any Netherrealm stage, you may find 1 Trial: God of War.
Defeat as many monsters as you can before the timer runs out to gain reward stacks as well as acquiring more time.
The mode has a chance to drop exclusive Legendary gear: Crimson King, Ghost Slaughter, Furious Heart, and Dragon Breath Armor.