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Ember's RestThis is Ember's Rest, the headquarter of Torchlight. It is a miracle blooming amid Aember.

People infected by Aember, the lonely ones abandoned by this world, gather here to fight against the crumbling world using the power of Ember Tech.

They train hard, collect Sparks, and fight with Aemberons. Holding torches, the heroes never cease to gather these scattered faint sparks.

One day, the long darkness will be lit up.

Capital: St. Duran
Sacred City Built on Ruins
The outbreak of Aember put a quick end to the reign of Aoron Empire.

When everyone was in panic, the Church rose to power.

They put a crystal burning in white flames on the altar in the capital. It was the Spark, the only hope to stop Aember from spreading, as well as the source of all the Church's power.

The Spark successfully contained Aember, and the capital became the last safe haven.

With the vast amount of followers, the Church established its own reign on the remains of the old Imperial Capital and renamed it St. Duran, the Holy Capital.