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Statue of Arminius the Great
Old Emperor
In Epoch of Machines 85, Arminius the Great finally ended Hermann Dynasty's cruel reign and eliminated dictatorship from this land.

His grace and power will bring freedom and peace to every corner of the Aoron Empire.

We dedicate this statue to His Majesty with our utmost piety.

Your eyes see through all evil. Your mercy protects your people. Your blade eliminates all guilt.

Till eternity.

-Dedicated to Arminius the Great

(Some text was carved on the base of the statue)

Liar! Clown! No fancy words can cover up your usurpation!
Holy HymnO Holy Spirit, you merciful savior!
You are pure, selfless, loving, and bright!
For you, mountains will rise and rivers will dance!
For you stars sing in joy!
I pledge my loyalty to the eternal light!
I devote my life to the undying faith!
O Holy Spirit, please bless your most pious believer!
Messy WritingOuch... The blows of those Agitoes... They really hurt.

They all keep telling us to hang in there because the Vicar Bishop will send someone to help us and his Holy Light Magic heals all wounds.

But still... it hurts.

The thought that I may become a dirty, filthy, and despised Disqualified makes it harder and harder for me to control my body.

All lies.

There was never redemption. There was never hope.
The Golden TreatyA stone tablet standing between the desert and the Central Continent. The Golden Treaty signed by the emperor of the central continent and the king of the desert is carved on it:

In the names of His Majesty of Ichi Tribe in Lakhouma and His Majesty Herrmann of the Herrmann Empire in the Central Continent, the two nations are hereby signing the permanent peace treaty.

1. From now on, the Ichi Tribe and Herrmann Empire are allies forever. Their people will be friendly to each other, and scholars going to the other country will never need to worry about their safety.


3. The Hermann Empire will provide aid of 10,000 Ember Reactors to the Ichi Tribe, and send academic advisors and a thousand artisans to assist in the rebuilding of Lakhouma's Desert Lamps, so as to feed the Ichi people. Ichi Tribe will pay for the above-mentioned devices and fees of staff employment and construction with gold.


6. There's a long, dangerous way between the two countries, so a border area is built in the desert so that trades and material storage can be handled more conveniently. The king of Ichi has renamed this place as the "Star's Fall" market. The free trade zone is established.


The Treaty takes effect on the day it's signed. The Treaty has two hard copies with equal authenticity, one in the royal court of the Herrmann imperial city, and the other in The Borderlands of Lakhouma.
Words on a WallAn Ichi who was forced to leave home due to King Lionheart's militarization wrote these words on the walls of his house:

We survived the calamity a thousand years ago. The Curse of Eternal Night, the rampaging sand soldiers, the wild wind, and even the loss of Sun couldn't stop us Ichi people from surviving. We built homes in this desert generations after generations, but now, everything we have built is about to be destroyed by some internal conflicts.
Statement of the Sun
The Queen of Eternal Sun's Vow on Her Accession Day
Citizens of Ichi! Patriots! My proud compatriots,

I can see my face in your eyes.

Just like the sunshine falling onto your forehead,

this is the Sun's blessing.

However the beauty will eventually wither,

just like the Sun will restrain its radiance at night.

We are all going to rest forever someday,

and Ichi is destined to be changed.

But it won't happen today.

Today we feast.

Today's the perfect day for our warriors.

Today's so precious, so how can we keep today forever?

I am Paloma, the Queen of Eternal Sun.

Let's forge the eternal daylight with everlasting gold,

make the sun hang in the sky of Ichi forever,

and build two paths named Star and Moon converging in the Sun Arena.

Ichi warriors will fight there.

Their strong bodies will make the Sun Rite shine.

The champion shall earn the honor to join me in my chamber, and we'll bath in the eternal sunlight.

As bards once sang,

"We want beautiful lives to multiply

so that beauty will never die."
An Announcement on the Ruins of the ArenaThe Queen praises brave, noble, and dignified Ichi warriors. She wants to select an incomparable hero from the countless mortals and make him the Ichi King to share the eternal radiance with her. Whether you're a noble descendant or a humble civilian, everyone can sign up to participate in the battles at the Moon Arena. It's not a dead-or-alive challenge, and the winner gets to step on the path of victory until the great Queen chooses him to enter the Sun Arena and fight to be the champion.
Einherjar's Sigh"The fight, revel and all the pleasures wear our body. But aren't they part of the life?"
Speech Given by an Ancient Ichi Noble"Queen No Wonder is gorgeous, for you are adding beauty to her with blood."