Preseason SS3 /1
Exciting Gameplay
Upon entering a stage, Hunters will automatically unleash their Main Skill when traveling a certain distance. Additionally, increasing Movement Speed will also increase the Main Skill's damage.
Each map not only contains multiple Treasure Chests but also 2 menacing Netherrealm bosses.

Accelerated Progression
During the Preseason, due to the increased quantity of bosses and Treasure Chests in the stages, the total number of items dropped will be increased to 300% of what it was before, allowing all Hunters to make progress more swiftly. Furthermore, there are three new pieces of Exclusive Legendary Gear waiting to be acquired.

Season Background
When the First Flame shone brightly, gods walked among all creatures, bringing prosperity and faith to the world. As the First Flame extinguished, the gods left the mortal realm, and the earth was sprawling with aembers. Now, the Goddess of Hunting returns from the stars, once again patrolling the vast land shrouded in evil starlight. Warriors should follow the footsteps of the gods, hunt down the Stars of Calamity falling from the sky, and eradicate the flourishing shadows of evil. Offer the gods the hunted game symbolizing courage, and receive the supreme reward of radiance.
Pactspirit /1
Corgi Fighter No.32
Drop Legendary
Increases Drop Quantity


Automatically Casting

Upon entering a stage, the Hunter will automatically release their Main Skill after moving a certain distance. Additionally, when the Hunter increases their Movement Speed, the Damage of their Main Skill will also be enhanced.

More Boxing

Mystery Treasures are scattered all around and Hunters can find multiple treasure chests in each map to enrich their hunting experience.

surely no one opens three equipment boxes in a row, do they?

2 More Bosses

Hey folks, guess what I ran into a nether realm boss fight and there are multiple of them!

Under the wicked Starlight Hunters have the opportunity to battle the star of Calamity monsters from the Realms in any map.

In each map there will be two nether realm bosses eyeing you menacingly.

Netherrealm bosses are everywhere, and you can fight them, but Victory Is Not Guaranteed.

Proof of Star Hunter

Attention, this Hunter named Xiao May has obtained a piece of equipment that no one has ever seen before.

During the pre-season monsters have a chance to drop the proof of star hunter, offer it to the goddess of hunting and the gates of Hunter Woods will open for all Hunters.

In the forest garden not only are there numerous legendary gears legendary Divinity slates legendary hero relics and memories on display, but also three ultimate legendary gears that are exclusive drops from the preseason.

I suggest selling it to me for just one Fe.

Brand-new Limited Edition Legendary Gear

The preseason introduces brand new Ultimate Legendary Gear, all of which are exclusive drops limited to the preseason.

Hurry up and win these rare legendary gear!

If I were to wear a double rainbow have an Exquisite box hanging around my neck, and wield the chaos Abyss in my hand, how would you defeat me?

rebirth watch me dominate preseason with explosive bombing!

It's getting intense I saw the double rainbow turn into a six rainbow.

I really like a quote from torch light Hunter "how many Stacks?"

Season Development

hurry hurry hurry I know you're in a rush!

During the preseason, the total number of item drops will increase to 300% of the previous amount.

Due to the higher number of bosses and treasure chests within the stage.

This will help all Hunters achieve progress in a shorter period of time.

I came to the pre-season to do only three things fast farming fast farming and more damn fast farming.

Seasonal Rewards

golden season pass giveaway.

Purchase the preseason golden season pass and level it up to the specified level to get the ss3 season golden season pass for free.

Receive a gifted golden season pass that can be used after the start of ss3 season, and claim benefits ahead of others!

Jonah Chamber of Commerce Grand sale.

During the pre-season, enjoy a 50% discount on the premium booth pages in the trade housee.

Empower every precious item to circulate into the hands of the hunters who need the most, and let every bit of flame elementum income find its way into the resourceful Hunter's pocket.

After the preseason ends, the data will not be merged into the permanent server, but the account level rewards in the season pass will be distributed via mail.

Equip the treasures you've carefully collected throughout the entire season and fully enjoy the end of season Carnival.