SS4 Preseason /1
Season Background
During the distant Epoch of War, a warrior known as Ralph wielded his blade against thousands of formidable foes in the Eternal Coliseum of gold, and he reigned undefeated. Now, the Epoch of War is but a distant memory, yet his brave and fearless spirit still lives on and shines brilliantly like gold, even to this day. O' warrior, defeat the countless enemies roaming the Netherrealm, advance to the Eternal Coliseum's center, and win the unparalleled rewards of the Invincible Champion!

Combat Frenzy
Blessed by the God of War, the rare monsters in the stage have a chance to be upgraded into Gladiator monsters of various tiers. Kill them to enlarge your physique, or upgrade your Life and Energy Shield to achieve the same effect.
As your Physique grows, your Skill Area increases, and your Minions deal more damage. Rush into a frenzy and grow endlessly stronger!

Precious Drops
All exclusive items' drop rates are tripled during the preseason. Enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by Precious drops!
In addition, Gladiator monsters drop precious Proofs of Champion. Use the Proofs of Champion to enter the Eternal Coliseum, defeat the countless enemies that await there, and claim the almighty commendations of the God of War!
Pactspirit /1
Fluffhead Hare
Drop Legendary
Increases Drop Quantity
Invincible Champion

Invincible Champion

Special Mechanism

Gladiator: Inspired by the God of War, rare monsters in stages have a chance to upgrade to various Gladiators, all of which are gilded in gold. The rarest Gold Gladiator will come with its own arena, where hunters must duel it. Defeating a Gladiator can yield very generous loot and special buffs.

Giant Size: Defeating a Gladiator grants a special buff: increased size. In addition, players can also gain size increase buffs based on their max life and max energy shield values. For every 1% increase in size, players gain an additional 1% skill area increase, 1% damage increase, and 1% minion damage increase.

Special Map Affixes: In the preseason, every map will have a special affix that makes the stage more difficult but also offers better loot rewards. These affixes were very rare in normal seasons and rarely encountered, but in the preseason, every map will have one.

Limited Content

Eternal Coliseum: During the preseason, defeating rare monsters has a chance to drop Proof of Champion, which can be used to proceed to the Eternal Coliseum for a duel.

If victorious in the duel, players can obtain the God of War's treasure: containing numerous legendary gear, legendary divinity slates, legendary hero relics and memories, as well as three unique legendary items.

Unique Legendaries: Eternity - Unique, Sacrilege - Unique, and Monarch's Reign - Unique make their debut, so hurry up and let the God of War cook up some dishes for you!

Triple Drop Rate: During this preseason, the drop rate for all exclusive items has been increased to three times the original rate - it should be emphasized that this only applies to exclusive drops, not all items.

Drop Pactspirits: The preseason exclusive drop Pactspirit Fluffhead Hare is now available, which can additionally cause Gladiators to appear on the map; also, Corgi Fighter No.32 will return.

Golden Season Pass: Purchase the preseason Golden Season Pass and level it up to the specified level to receive the SS4 Season Golden Season Pass for free;

Trade House Rewards: During the preseason, enjoy a 50% discount on premium booth pages in the Trade House;