Normal Affix

TierModifierForge LevelForge Weight
0+5% Aura effects for every ally affected by Aura83100
1+20% Aura Effect83100
2+15% Aura Effect83100
3+10% Aura Effect83100
4+5% Aura Effect83200
0-12% Sealed Mana for Aura Skills83100
1-8% Sealed Mana for Aura Skills83100
2-4% Sealed Mana for Aura Skills83100
3-2% Sealed Mana for Aura Skills83100
0While Warcry is active, refresh the cooldown of the Warcry Skill whenever a number of enemies equal to the number of Warcry buff stacks are killed83300
1+(36–40)% Warcry Cast Speed83300
2+(25–30)% Warcry Cast Speed83300
3+(15–16)% Warcry Cast Speed83300
4+(6–7)% Warcry Cast Speed83300
0+20% chance to trigger Lv. 10 Charging Warcry on Melee Skill hit. Interval: 8 s.83100
0+20% chance to trigger Lv. 10 Raging Warcry on Melee Skill hit. Interval: 8 s83100
0+20% chance to trigger Lv. 10 Fearless Warcry on Melee Skill hit. Interval: 8 s83100
1+(44–48)% Warcry Area83300
2+(32–35)% Warcry Area83300
3+(22–25)% Warcry Area83300
4+(11–13)% Warcry Area83300
0+20% chance to gain 1 stack of any Blessing when triggering a skill.83100
1+(55–60)% Area for Triggered Skills83100
2+(44–48)% Area for Triggered Skills83100
3+(30–33)% Area for Triggered Skills83100
4+(18–22)% Area for Triggered Skills83100
0The triggered skill +25% Effect Duration83100
1+(55–60)% damage for Triggered Skills83100
2+(44–48)% damage for Triggered Skills83100
3+(30–33)% damage for Triggered Skills83100
4+(18–22)% damage for Triggered Skills83100
0For each Imbue triggered recently, +10% Imbue buff, stacking up to 10 time(s)83100
1+(44–48)% Imbue Skill Damage83100
2+(30–33)% Imbue Skill Damage83100
3+(18–22)% Imbue Skill Damage83100
4+(10–12)% Imbue Skill Damage83100
0-12% Sealed Mana for Imbue Skills83100
1+30% Imbue's buff effect83100
2+20% Imbue's buff effect83100
3+10% Imbue's buff effect83100
4+5% Imbue's buff effect83100
0Min Channeled Stacks +183100
1Max Channeled Stacks +183100
0For every 1 channeled stack(s), +8% Channeled Skill Damage83100
1+20% Attack and Cast Speed for Channeled Skills83100
2+15% Attack and Cast Speed for Channeled Skills83200
3+10% Attack and Cast Speed for Channeled Skills83200
4+5% Attack and Cast Speed for Channeled Skills83200
0Adds 40 - 45 Physical Damage to the Main-Hand Weapon83100
1+(44–48)% Physical Damage83100
2+(30–33)% Physical Damage83100
3+(18–22)% Physical Damage83100
4+(11–12)% Physical Damage83100
0+2 Physical Skill Level83100
1+7% Armor DMG Mitigation Penetration83100
2+6% Armor DMG Mitigation Penetration83100
3+5% Armor DMG Mitigation Penetration83100
4+3% Armor DMG Mitigation Penetration83100
0+5% Lightning Damage for every +2% excess Lightning Resistance83100
1+(44–48)% Lightning Damage83100
2+(30–33)% Lightning Damage83100
3+(18–22)% Lightning Damage83100
4+(11–12)% Lightning Damage83200
0+2 Lightning Skill Level83100
1+(9–10)% Lightning Penetration83100
2+(7–8)% Lightning Penetration83100
3+6% Lightning Penetration83100
0-4% enemy Cold Resistance for each type of control effect the enemy has83100
1+(44–48)% Cold Damage83100
2+(30–33)% Cold Damage83100
3+(18–22)% Cold Damage83100
4+(11–12)% Cold Damage83200
0+2 Cold Skill Level83100
1+(9–10)% Cold Penetration83100
2+(7–8)% Cold Penetration83100
3+6% Cold Penetration83100
0+12% additional Fire Damage83100
1+(44–48)% Fire Damage83100
2+(30–33)% Fire Damage83100
3+(18–22)% Fire Damage83100
4+(11–12)% Fire Damage83200
0+2 Fire Skill Level83100
1+(9–10)% Fire Penetration83100
2+(7–8)% Fire Penetration83100
3+6% Fire Penetration83100
0+1% Erosion Damage for every 1% Energy Shield(s) lost83100
1+(44–48)% Erosion Damage83100
2+(30–33)% Erosion Damage83100
3+(18–22)% Erosion Damage83100
4+(11–12)% Erosion Damage83200
0+2 Erosion Skill Level83100
1+(9–10)% Erosion Penetration83100
2+(7–8)% Erosion Penetration83100
3+6% Erosion Penetration83100
0+30% Reaping Duration83100
1+15% Skill Duration83100
2+10% Skill Duration83100
3+5% Skill Duration83100
0Whenever a Nearby enemy reaches Max Affliction, Movement Speed +25%83100
1+(44–48)% DoT Damage83100
2+(30–33)% DoT Damage83100
3+(20–22)% DoT Damage83100
4+(11–12)% DoT Damage83200
0Shadow Quantity +183100
1+(44–48)% Shadow Strike Skill Damage83100
2+(30–33)% Shadow Strike Skill Damage83100
3+(18–22)% Shadow Strike Skill Damage83100
4+(11–12)% Shadow Strike Skill Damage83100
0+12% additional Shadow Strike Damage83100
1+(52–56)% Shadow Damage83100
2+(38–40)% Shadow Damage83100
3+(25–28)% Shadow Damage83100
4+(11–13)% Shadow Damage83100
0+(70–75)% Demolisher Skill Damage.83100
1+(44–48)% Demolisher Skill Damage.83100
2+(30–33)% Demolisher Skill Damage.83100
3+(18–22)% Demolisher Skill Damage.83100
4+(11–12)% Demolisher Skill Damage.83200
0+36% Demolisher Charge Restoration Speed83100
1+(26–30)% Demolisher Charge Restoration Speed83100
2+(18–21)% Demolisher Charge Restoration Speed83100
3+(12–14)% Demolisher Charge Restoration Speed83100
0+(70–75)% Slash Strike Skill Damage83100
1+(44–48)% Slash Strike Skill Damage83100
2+(30–33)% Slash Strike Skill Damage83100
3+(18–22)% Slash Strike Skill Damage83100
4+(11–12)% Slash Strike Skill Damage83200
0Deals +90% Damage when Steep Strike hits an Elite83100
1+(32–35)% Steep Strike chance.83100
2+(22–25)% Steep Strike chance.83100
3+(14–16)% Steep Strike chance.83100
0+(70–75)% Horizontal Projectile Damage83100
1+(44–48)% Horizontal Projectile Damage83100
2+(30–33)% Horizontal Projectile Damage83100
3+(18–22)% Horizontal Projectile Damage83100
4+(11–12)% Horizontal Projectile Damage83200
0When launching Horizontal Projectiles, +50% chance for Projectile Quantity to +283100
1+1 Jumps83100
0+75% Parabolic Projectile Damage83100
1+(44–48)% Parabolic Projectile Damage83100
2+(30–33)% Parabolic Projectile Damage83100
3+(18–22)% Parabolic Projectile Damage83100
4+(11–12)% Parabolic Projectile Damage83200
0Parabolic Projectile Splits +183100
1+20% Parabolic Projectile Skill Attack Speed
+20% Parabolic Projectile Cast Speed
2+10% Parabolic Projectile Skill Attack Speed
+10% Parabolic Projectile Cast Speed
3+5% Parabolic Projectile Skill Attack Speed
+5% Parabolic Projectile Cast Speed
0+(70–75)% Vertical Projectile Damage83100
1+(50–54)% Vertical Projectile Damage83100
2+(30–33)% Vertical Projectile Damage83100
3+(18–22)% Vertical Projectile Damage83100
4+(11–13)% Vertical Projectile Damage83100
0+12% chance to double Vertical Projectile Quantity when casting Vertical Projectile Skills83100
1+(44–48)% Vertical Skill Area83100
2+(30–33)% Vertical Skill Area83100
3+(18–22)% Vertical Skill Area83100
4+(11–13)% Vertical Skill Area83200
0+1 Beams83100
1+(44–48)% Beam Skill Damage83100
2+(30–33)% Beam Skill Damage83100
3+(18–22)% Beam Skill Damage83100
4+(11–12)% Beam Skill Damage83200
0+50% Beam Length
+30% Beam Skill Damage
1+2 additional refraction(s) for the Beam Skill83100
0+24% Sentry Skill cast frequency83100
1+(44–48)% Sentry Damage83100
2+(30–33)% Sentry Damage83200
3+(18–22)% Sentry Damage83200
4+(11–13)% Sentry Damage83200
0+25% Sentry Damage for every 1 Deployable Sentry Quantity Each Time83100
1+1 Sentries that can be deployed at a time83100
0Max Terra Quantity +183100
1+(44–48)% Terra Skill Damage83100
2+(30–33)% Terra Skill Damage83200
3+(18–22)% Terra Skill Damage83200
4+(11–13)% Terra Skill Damage83200
0Max Terra Charge Stacks +183100
1+(21–24)% Terra Charge Recovery Speed83100
2+(14–17)% Terra Charge Recovery Speed83100
3+9% Terra Charge Recovery Speed83100
0+40% chance to increase Total Waves by 1 when using a Barrage Skill83100
1+(44–48)% Barrage Skill Damage83100
2+(30–33)% Barrage Skill Damage83100
3+(18–22)% Barrage Skill Damage83100
4+(11–13)% Barrage Skill Damage83100
0Barrage deals +100% additional damage. After the first wave, for every +1 wave(s) of Barrage, Barrage deals -43% additional damage83100
1+(44–48)% Barrage Skill Area83100
2+(30–33)% Barrage Skill Area83100
3+(18–22)% Barrage Skill Area83100
4+(11–13)% Barrage Skill Area83100
0+(70–75)% Chain Skill Damage83100
1+(44–48)% Chain Skill Damage83100
2+(30–33)% Chain Skill Damage83200
3+(18–22)% Chain Skill Damage83200
4+(11–13)% Chain Skill Damage83200
0For every 2 enemies killed by the Chain Skill, +1 Jump(s) for this skill.83100
1+1 Jump(s) for Chain Skills83100
0Inflicts Weaken while casting Curse83100
1+(11–12)% curse effect83100
2+(7–10)% curse effect83100
3+(4–6)% curse effect83100
4+(2–3)% curse effect83200
0You can cast 1 additional Curses83100
1+(44–48)% Curse Skill Area83100
2+(30–33)% Curse Skill Area83100
3+(18–22)% Curse Skill Area83100
3+(11–13)% Curse Skill Area83100
0For every 25 Growth a Spirit Magus has, it +1% Attack and Cast Speed. The bonus is doubled when an Elite is Nearby the player83100
00.7% Synthetic Troop's Critical Strike Damage for every 1 Command you possess. The bonus is doubled when an Elite is near you.83100
1+(44–48)% Minion Damage83200
2+(30–33)% Minion Damage83200
3+(18–22)% Minion Damage83200
4+(11–13)% Minion Damage83200
0+2 Minion Skill Level83200
1+16% Minion Attack and Cast Speed83200
2+8% Minion Attack and Cast Speed83200
3+4% Minion Attack and Cast Speed83200
4+2% Minion Attack and Cast Speed83200
0+4% additional damage for every 8 m of movement made recently. Stacks up to 4 times.83100
1+(16–20)% Movement Speed83100
2+(13–15)% Movement Speed60100
3+(10–11)% Movement Speed35100
4+(6–7)% Movement Speed1100
0-10% extra damage taken while moving83100
1+(44–48)% damage
+(44–48)% Minion Damage
2+(30–33)% damage
+(30–33)% Minion Damage
3+(18–22)% damage
+(18–22)% Minion Damage
4+(11–13)% damage
+(11–13)% Minion Damage
0Gains 1 stack of Tenacity Blessing, Agility Blessing, and Focus Blessing every 1 s while standing still83100
1Regenerates (115–120) Life per second83100
2Regenerates (94–98) Life per second60100
3Regenerates (60–64) Life per second35100
4Regenerates (32–36) Life per second1100
0+16% additional Max Damage while standing still83100
1-8% additional damage taken83100
2-6% additional damage taken60100
3-3% additional damage taken35100
4-2% additional damage taken1100
0Every use of a Non-Main Skill will make the next use of Main Skill gain +3% damage. Stacks up to 6 times.83100
1+20% Cooldown Recovery Speed83100
2+12% Cooldown Recovery Speed60100
3+6% Cooldown Recovery Speed35100
4+3% Cooldown Recovery Speed1200
0+13% Empower Skill Effect and Potion Restoration Effect83100
1-9 Skill Cost83100
2-6 Skill Cost60100
3-3 Skill Cost35100
0Restores 1% of Max Life and Energy Shield on defeat83100
1+50% Critical Strike Damage if you have defeated an enemy recently83100
2+30% Critical Strike Damage if you have defeated an enemy recently60100
3+20% Critical Strike Damage if you have defeated an enemy recently35100
0+2% damage, Skill Area, and Movement Speed for every enemy defeated recently83100
1+(44–48)% Skill Area83100
2+(30–33)% Skill Area60100
3+(18–22)% Skill Area35100
4+(11–13)% Skill Area1200
0-2% additional damage taken for every enemy Nearby. Stacks up to 10 times.83100
1-10% additional Regain Interval83100
2-6% additional Regain Interval60100
3-3% additional Regain Interval35100
0+20% Injury Buffer when there are no Elites Nearby83100
1+10% Elemental Resistance83100
2+(6–7)% Elemental Resistance60100
3+(4–5)% Elemental Resistance35100
4+(2–3)% Elemental Resistance1200
0The Main Skill is supported by a Lv. 20 Critical Strike Damage Increase, -70% Critical Strike Damage1100
0The Main Skill is supported by a Lv. 20 Hardened, -14% Weapon Attack Speed1100
0The character gains Blind, Weaken, or Paralyze upon the disappearance of the Sentry when the Main Skill is supported by a Lv. 25 Multifaceted Guard1100
0The Main Skill is supported by a Lv. 20 Control Spell, -55% Non-Critical Strike Damage1100
0The Main Skill is supported by a Lv. 20 Main Skill, -2 Projectile Quantity1100
0The Main Skill is supported by a Lv. 20 Servant Damage, Minions deal Unlucky Critical Strikes1100
0The Main Skill is supported by a Lv. 20 Attack Focus, -15% Critical Strike Damage for every stack of Focus1100
0The Main Skill is supported by a Lv. 30 Grudge, +5% Elemental and Erosion Resistance Penetration every second for Cursed enemies. Stacks up to 4 times.1100
0The Main Skill is supported by a Lv. 20 Cataclysm, -18% additional damage taken for enemies when their Affliction reaches the upper limit1100
-10% Elemental Resistance
0Barrier of Radiance
-10% Elemental Resistance
-10% Elemental Resistance
-10% Elemental Resistance
0Full Defense
-10% Elemental Resistance
0Poisoned Relief
-10% Elemental Resistance
-10% Elemental Resistance
0Poison Immunity
-10% Elemental Resistance
0Shrink Back
-10% Elemental Resistance

Special Affix

TierModifierForge LevelForge Weight
0Every use of a Non-Main Skill will make the next use of Main Skill gain -20% additional Critical Strike Rating1100
0Effects of Control Effects received +50%1100
0-10% Spell Burst Charge Speed for every Spell Burst triggered recently1100
0Loses 20% of current Mana for every 5 time(s) a skill is used1100
0-5% Aura effects for every enemy or ally Nearby1100
0-50% additional Warcry effect (multiplies) for every 2 uses of the Warcry Skill recently1100
0Takes 1200 Secondary Erosion Damage every second while a restoration effect is active1100
0Loses 2% Max Mana upon triggering the skill1100
0Randomly lose 6 stack(s) of Blessing when the Channeled Skill ends1100
0When starting to channel, -30% additional damage for 0.2 s1100
0Converts 50% of Physical Damage to random Elemental Damage1100
0Gains Trauma with 1200 Base Damage upon dealing Physical Damage1100
0For every (20–30)% Erosion Resistance, -1% Elemental Max Resistance1100
0Converts 99% of Lightning Damage to Fire Damage1100
0Shock Damage can only be settled 6 times1100
0+1% Cold Resistance for every hit the enemy took recently. Interval: 1 s.1100
0Reduces the enemy's Frostbite Rating by 15 on hit1100
0Converts 99% of Fire Damage to Erosion Damage1100
0+10% additional Fire Damage to enemies for every stack of Ignite they have1100
0+1% Erosion Resistance for every stack of Wilt the enemy has1100
01% chance to remove all Wilt on hit1100
0-2% additional Skill Area for every recent skill use. Stacks up to 50 times.1100
0Inflicts Affliction per second and -2% additional Skill Effect Duration for every 10 of this1100
0Upon dealing damage to an enemy with HP below 10% , the hit deals -80% additional Melee Damage1100
02% chance to deal -99% additional damage on hit for every 1 Shadow Thrust(s)1100
0When Demolisher Charge is consumed, the skill cannot cause an Ailment1100
0-30% additional Sweep Slash Attack Speed1100
0+1% Movement Speed and +10% additional damage taken for every enemy in Proximity1100
0-20% additional Projectile Speed, -20% additional Projectile Duration1100
0-3 Horizontal Projectile Penetration(s)1100
0Parabolic Projectiles' trajectories are more scattered after splitting1100
0+20% additional Skill Area and -3 Projectile Quantity for Vertical Skills1100
0-10% Life Regeneration Speed and -10% Energy Shield Charge Speed for every Sentry Nearby1100
0Converts 100% of Sentry Skills' Mana Cost to Life Cost1100
0Gains 1 Lv. 10 random curse for 5 s after casting a Curse Skill1100
0-50% additional Movement Speed when there is only one minion Nearby1100
0Loses 5 Command every second when there are no Elites Nearby1100

Soul Candle

Soul Candle
Soul Candle

An eerie candle that never goes out. Legend has it that it can nourish the Variant Soul of its owner. Resonate it with skill components to generate even greater power.

Drop Source
  • (lv85)
  • End of Aeterna (lv86)
  • End of Aeterna (lv89)
  • End of Aeterna (lv93)
  • Soul Candle /1
    Soul Candle
    Require lv 1
    An eerie candle that never goes out. Legend has it that it can nourish the Variant Soul of its owner. Resonate it with skill components to generate even greater power.