Active Skill - Tag /138
Mobility Attack Melee Physical Demolisher Area Cold Projectile Ranged Horizontal Fire Spell Erosion Lightning Warcry Persistent Restoration Channeled Slash-Strike Defensive Chain Parabolic Terra Vertical Empower Barrage Shadow Strike Sentry Beam Summon Synthetic Troop Curse Base Skill Enhanced Skill Ultimate
Leap Attack
Mobility, Attack, Melee, Physical, Demolisher, Area
Ice Shot
Cold, Projectile, Attack, Ranged, Area, Horizontal
Hammer of Ash
Area, Fire, Attack, Projectile, Melee, Demolisher, Horizontal
Chromatic Shot
Spell, Projectile, Cold, Erosion, Fire, Lightning, Physical, Horizontal
Resurrection Warcry
Warcry, Area, Persistent, Restoration
Attack, Melee, Area, Channeled, Physical, Slash-Strike
Focused Slash
Attack, Melee, Area, Physical, Slash-Strike
Persistent, Defensive, Spell
Spell, Persistent, Lightning, Channeled, Area, Chain
Mobility, Spell
Attack, Projectile, Area, Fire, Ranged, Parabolic
Shadow Shot
Spell, Erosion, Area, Projectile, Horizontal
Shadow Swamp
Spell, Erosion, Area, Persistent, Terra
Marked Rain of Arrows
Attack, Fire, Area, Persistent, Ranged, Projectile, Horizontal, Vertical
Bull's Rage
Persistent, Spell, Empower
Shadow Dash
Spell, Mobility, Persistent, Erosion
Frost Shield
Spell, Persistent, Cold, Defensive
Rocket Jump
Mobility, Ranged, Attack, Area, Fire
Split Firebolt
Spell, Projectile, Fire, Area, Horizontal
Spell, Cold, Area, Barrage
Persistent, Defensive, Spell
Mana Boil
Spell, Empower
Frost Impact
Attack, Melee, Area, Cold, Demolisher
Path of Flames
Spell, Fire, Channeled, Persistent, Area, Mobility
Berserking Blade
Attack, Melee, Area, Physical, Slash-Strike, Persistent
Charged Pummel
Attack, Melee, Area, Channeled, Lightning, Demolisher, Persistent
Chain Lightning
Spell, Lightning, Chain
Double Thrusts
Attack, Melee, Physical, Shadow Strike, Area
Mind Control
Spell, Erosion, Channeled, Persistent
Ring of Ice
Spell, Cold, Area
Split Shot
Attack, Projectile, Physical, Ranged, Horizontal
Flame Slash
Attack, Melee, Area, Fire, Slash-Strike
Icy Blade
Attack, Melee, Area, Cold, Slash-Strike
Frost Spike
Attack, Melee, Projectile, Shadow Strike, Cold, Area, Horizontal
Wilt Spike
Attack, Melee, Shadow Strike, Erosion, Area, Persistent
Lightning Shot
Attack, Ranged, Projectile, Lightning, Chain, Horizontal
Corrosive Shot
Attack, Erosion, Area, Persistent, Ranged, Projectile, Parabolic, Terra
Burning Shot
Attack, Ranged, Projectile, Fire, Horizontal
Electrifying Shot
Attack, Ranged, Projectile, Lightning, Horizontal
Corrosive Throw
Attack, Ranged, Projectile, Erosion, Horizontal
Inexhaustible Barrage
Attack, Projectile, Physical, Channeled, Area, Persistent, Vertical, Ranged, Barrage
Rain of Arrows
Attack, Ranged, Physical, Area, Projectile, Vertical
Savage Charge
Attack, Melee, Physical, Demolisher, Channeled, Area
Ice Lances
Spell, Projectile, Cold, Horizontal
Spell, Projectile, Lightning, Area, Horizontal
Ring of Blades
Spell, Channeled, Physical, Area, Persistent, Projectile, Horizontal
Flame Core
Spell, Area, Fire, Persistent, Sentry
Lightning Storm
Spell, Lightning, Area, Persistent
Flame Jet
Spell, Fire, Area, Persistent, Projectile, Parabolic, Terra
Frost Terra
Spell, Cold, Area, Persistent, Terra
Scorching Beam
Spell, Fire, Channeled, Area, Beam
Wilting Beam
Spell, Channeled, Erosion, Persistent, Area, Beam
Frigid Transmission
Spell, Cold, Area, Mobility
Forced Start
Spell, Persistent, Defensive
Aegis of Fire
Spell, Persistent, Fire, Defensive
Delayed Pain
Spell, Persistent, Defensive
Defensive Buffer
Spell, Persistent, Defensive
Brisk Wind
Spell, Persistent, Defensive
Frost Touch
Spell, Area, Cold, Erosion
Burst of Anger
Spell, Persistent, Empower
Scorching Pulse
Spell, Area, Fire
Spell, Area, Persistent, Empower
Secret Origin Unleash
Spell, Persistent, Empower
Spell, Persistent, Empower
Blurry Steps
Spell, Persistent, Empower
Attack, Melee, Area, Physical, Demolisher
Focused Shot
Attack, Ranged, Physical, Projectile, Horizontal
Fire Burst
Spell, Area, Fire
Thunderbolt Overload
Spell, Area, Lightning, Projectile, Parabolic, Physical
Fearless Warcry
Warcry, Area, Persistent
Raging Warcry
Warcry, Area, Persistent
Charging Warcry
Warcry, Area, Persistent
Black Hole
Spell, Area, Persistent, Erosion
Focused Impact
Attack, Melee, Area, Demolisher, Persistent
Summon Machine Guard
Spell, Summon, Persistent, Synthetic Troop
Summon Spider Tank
Spell, Summon, Persistent, Synthetic Troop
Elemental Destruction
Spell, Area, Persistent, Curse, Cold, Fire, Lightning
Spell, Area, Persistent, Lightning, Curse
Spell, Area, Persistent, Physical, Curse
Spell, Area, Persistent, Fire, Curse
Spell, Area, Persistent, Curse
Entangled Pain
Spell, Area, Persistent, Curse
Biting Cold
Spell, Area, Persistent, Cold, Curse
Spell, Area, Persistent, Erosion, Curse
Life Source
Mana Source
Elemental Shock
Spell, Persistent, Summon, Empower
Machine Army
Spell, Persistent, Summon, Empower
Spell, Persistent, Summon, Defensive
Dark Gate
Spell, Persistent, Summon, Empower
Thunderlight Bond
Spell, Persistent, Lightning, Empower, Area, Sentry
Arcane Circle
Spell, Persistent, Area, Empower
Ice Bond
Spell, Persistent, Cold, Empower, Sentry, Area, Beam
Spell, Persistent, Defensive
Centralized Loading
Attack, Ranged, Mobility
Blink Bow
Attack, Physical, Ranged, Projectile, Horizontal, Mobility
Swift Shadow Raid
Attack, Area, Physical, Melee, Mobility
Safeguard Ring
Spell, Area, Persistent, Sentry, Defensive
Icebound Beam
Spell, Channeled, Cold, Projectile, Horizontal, Beam
Spiral Strike
Attack, Erosion, Area, Melee, Mobility
Compound Source
Moon Strike
Attack, Area, Persistent, Physical, Melee, Slash-Strike
Howling Gale
Spell, Channeled, Physical, Area, Persistent
Blazing Bullet
Attack, Fire, Area, Ranged, Projectile, Horizontal
Thunder Slash
Attack, Lightning, Area, Melee, Slash-Strike
Thunder Spike
Attack, Lightning, Area, Melee, Shadow Strike
Haunting Abomination
Spell, Erosion, Area, Persistent, Terra
Frost Core
Spell, Cold, Persistent, Projectile, Horizontal, Sentry
Thunder Core
Spell, Lightning, Persistent, Sentry, Chain, Area
Ghost Blade Einherjar
Attack, Ranged, Erosion, Persistent, Sentry, Projectile, Horizontal, Area
Arrow Einherjar
Attack, Physical, Persistent, Sentry, Projectile, Vertical, Ranged, Area
Summon Grim Phantom
Spell, Persistent, Summon, Synthetic Troop
Attack, Physical, Area, Melee
Onslaught Punch
Attack, Physical, Area, Melee
Aimed Shot
Attack, Physical, Projectile, Ranged, Horizontal
Blazing Dance
Base Skill, Spell, Fire, Area
Blazing Spin
Empower, Spell, Fire, Area, Persistent
Blazing Incineration
Enhanced Skill, Spell, Fire, Area
Molten Rising
Ultimate, Spell, Fire, Area
Glacier Ripples
Base Skill, Spell, Cold, Area
Frost Release
Empower, Spell, Cold, Area, Persistent
Permafrost Cast
Enhanced Skill, Spell, Cold, Area
Ice Earthshaker
Ultimate, Spell, Cold, Area
Lightning Star
Base Skill, Attack, Lightning, Projectile, Ranged, Horizontal
Thunderlight Arrow
Enhanced Skill, Attack, Lightning, Projectile, Ranged, Horizontal
Thundercloud Surge
Empower, Attack, Lightning, Persistent
Lightning Surge
Ultimate, Attack, Lightning, Projectile, Ranged, Chain, Horizontal
High Energy Beam
Spell, Physical, Area, Beam
Destructive Light Cannon
Spell, Physical, Area, Beam
Whirlwind Blade
Spell, Physical, Persistent, Area, Projectile, Horizontal
Lightning Beam
Spell, Lightning, Area, Persistent, Beam
Speed Phantom
Spell, Physical, Area, Persistent, Empower, Mobility
Archery Bond
Spell, Area, Persistent, Sentry, Empower
Nourishment of Life
Spell, Persistent, Area, Summon, Empower
Dazzling Bloom
Spell, Persistent, Summon, Empower
Star Stalker
Spell, Projectile, Area, Persistent, Empower
Harmonious Field
Spell, Channeled, Area, Persistent, Empower
Active Skill /138
Skill - Help
About Skill Slots:
1. Skill slots require energy to unlock, including active and passive unlocking.
2. The first slot of each skill tab passively unlocks when energy reaches the cap.
3. Players need to allocate energy to unlock other skill slots.
4. Energy can be gained by leveling up characters and equipping gear (excluding trinkets).

About Skills:
1. Skills are divided into Active Skills, Support Skills, Passive Skills and Triggered Skills.
2. Active and Passive Skills can be linked to Support Skills.
3. Triggered Skills can be linked to Active and Support Skills.
4. Available Support Skills that can be linked are identified by their skill tags.
5. Only one skill will be active when identical skills are equipped.
6. The availability of Active Skills depends on the weapons equipped by characters.